Vitamin D Cancer Cure

Vitamin D Cancer Cure

Vitamin D Cancer Cure - The sun is most important to healing – especially from sunrise until 10am and again after 3pm and again in the middle of the day for about 20-30 minutes.

Australians and many nationalities living in the tropics and subtropics have been so brainwashed about the dangers of sun cancer that they tend to cover up all the time, and use poisonous sun screens.  The dangers have been overstated in my opinion.  We need the sun to synthesis vitamin D.  The sun converts cholesterol found under the skin to vitamin D.  Vitamin D is known to fight many cancers.  For cancers like melanoma, the sun is not your enemy.  Your weakened immune system is your enemy, and your lifestyle has probably triggered your health problems.

Low Vitamin D has been linked to multiple sclerosis, jaundice, cancer, and PMS, arthritis, underactive thyroid, acute depression, dermatitis and many other diseases and conditions.

The sun increases the melatonin levels and synthesises them during the night.  This helps to regulate sleep.  Early morning walks before 10am or late afternoon walks after 3pm in the sun, without sun glasses, will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Sun bathing without your clothes on, if possible.  This is extremely healing, and will also kill bacteria.

So get out there. Expose! Expose! Expose!  (No trench coats please).  Find a private spot if you can, and start with ten minutes a day.  Then increase that to about twenty minutes a day.

If you do not have a place to go naked, then, wear the least amount of clothing that you can, weather and climate permitting of course.

For those of you who live in climates where the sun rarely shines you may need to take a Vitamin D supplement and try to at least sit out in the sun when it does come out in the middle of the day for at least 30 minutes when possible.

There is a simple blood test that can determine your vitamin D levels.

Again I also wish to confirm – melanoma is not about the sun – it is about your weakened immune system.  I have counselled many people with melanoma who have covered up from the sun most of their life – they now wish they had not.

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